Seed River empowers entrepreneurs and business growth with an enriched combination of strategic guidance services, funding options and our own Seed River Growth Solution.

Strategic Guidance


Bill of materials cost reduction

Seed River partners can review your BOM to identify opportunities for low-cost sourcing, technology improvements, or purchase trends that may lead to improved sales and margins.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) solutions produce standard reporting based on past and present data. We’ll review the BI tools you have in place, your processes for review and interpretation, and make recommendations for upgrades or new implementations.

Data science

Data science is predictive analysis drawn from patterns and correlations: to get the most out of it you need the right systems in place for your organization, and the right people to interpret the data. Seed River has the experience to help you implement both with the least amount of friction.

Infrastructure resources

Seed River draws on extensive property assets and experience to fulfill a range of infrastructure needs. From office and warehouse space to product stocking and fulfillment processes, we help you find the space and systems to fully power your venture. 

Manufacturing assistance

Our experience in the tech industry means we can help you navigate the manufacturing process for maximum efficiency and cost-savings. Whether you’re in prototype stage, developing small lot builds, or seeking advice on how to work with contract manufacturers, our depth of insight is your advantage.


When your business reaches a tipping point, its future depends on a series of critical steps. Seed River provides a dedicated mentor to coordinate services and support as your business goes through transformative growth.

Open accounts to purchase electronic components

Seed River can help your company establish open account access through our network of electronic component distributors. This purchasing advantage assists prototype build, design and speed to market.

Order fulfillment

Do you have the right people and processes in place to ensure rapid, cost-effective order fulfillment? Seed River helps you determine the answer to this and make critical adjustments as needed.

Stocking finished goods

Seed River partners will help you understand the best options when it comes to stocking finished goods.

Technology review and product validation

From design and development to technical documentation and engineering analysis, Seed River partners review your concept across all phases to ensure a more seamless process and speed to market.

Seed River Funding Options

Seed River creates tailored investments to meet the unique needs of each venture. It's an advantage for our team as well as yours, allowing us to be intentional and flexible with equity, revenue-based funding and hybrid models. Revenue share percentages and return multiples are also adjustable.

Funding options include equity, revenue-based funding and hybrid investment structures:


  • Investment returns based on liquidity events such acquisition or IPO.

Revenue-Based Funding (RBF)

  • Investment returns based on top-line revenues.
  • Return multiple established up front.
  • Payback is applied through a fixed percentage of the company's gross revenues.
  • Obligation completed on full payback.

Hybrid (RBF + Equity)

  • Diversified returns on a single investment.
  • Faster liquid returns.
  • Access to home-run return (acquisition/IPO).

Seed River Growth Solution

Your business is more than diagrams and documentation. It's a living, breathing extension of the passion you put into it and the people who shape its future. Seed River provides flexible Growth Solutions designed for funding flexibility and business success. Consider the advantages compared to funding through banks or venture capital:


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