Our Investment Focus

Transformative products and solutions

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Seed River focuses on entrepreneurs developing transformative products and solutions, ranging from innovative hardware to cutting-edge software. We know that sometimes the best ideas live in a category all their own, and that's why we don't limit our investment areas by strict industry definitions or micro segment applications.

At the same time, we believe in the spirit of American ingenuity. That's why Seed River looks for companies that are headquartered in North America, with operations in the United States and/or Canada.

We offer equity, revenue-based funding and hybrid investment structures ranging from $10K - $100K to entrepreneurs that meet additional criteria determined by our portfolio team. These criteria may include, but are not limited to:

  • Company performance
  • Business size
  • Market size (TAM and SAM)
  • IP / Defendable Business Model
  • Marketing activities
  • Ownership profiles
  • Business vision and values
  • Company culture


We know it takes more than capital to grow an idea. That's why we offer a range of services, backed by our own Growth Solution.